5 Ways to Prepare for Regenerative Medicine Treatments

Our bodies have incredible abilities to treat infections and heal injuries from within, without any intervention from outside influences. However, there are times when we require a little extra help, like regenerative medicine. In recent years, stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments have become popular alternatives to surgery. If you’re preparing for a treatment of this kind at BackFit Health + Spine, here are some ways you can prepare for regenerative medicine treatments. 

Preparing for Regenerative Medicine Treatments

Clean Your Home

Ahead of your procedure, you’ll want to make sure that you clean your home. Your immune system will be focused on healing the area that’s been treated, and you can help protect it by removing allergens, dirt, and dust from your home. Take out the trash, clean the air ducts, and replace the furnace filter, to prevent the spread of allergens throughout the house after your procedure. 

Stay Active

Regular exercise is important to a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies are also designed to produce more stem cells during and after physical activity. If you’re looking for a way to help boost your treatment, light jogging or a daily walk can help give your immune system and stem cells a boost, which will speed up the recovery process. 

Take Your Supplements

 If you’ve been given supplements or have been instructed to take them before your procedure, do not skip a dose. Many of our required daily nutrients can aid in the production of stem cells, making it more likely that your treatment will be successful. Some of the most common supplements that you might take are vitamins C and D, curcumin, and resveratrol. 

Choose a Caretaker

Regenerative medicine procedures are non-surgical and tend to be out-patient. Still, we recommend that you bring along a trusted adult caretaker to provide you with emotional and physical support following the treatment. Having someone with you before, during, and after your treatment can help ease your mind and make the procedure less lonely. 

Eat Well

A healthy diet and well-balanced meals before and after your session is one of the best ways to prepare your body for regenerative medicine treatment. Having blood drawn can lower the blood sugar levels, so maintaining a balanced diet prior to your appointment will ensure that your blood sugar levels are where they need to be. You should also focus on a more protein-rich diet to help get the best results from your treatment.

Inserting your own stem cells into an area of pain or injury can have a significant, positive impact on the time it takes for your body to heal. To schedule an appointment to talk to one of our doctors at any of the BackFit Health + Spine locations in the Phoenix Valley, call today at (877)-BACKFIT or (877) 222-5438

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