Why You Should Consider Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy As An Alternative to Surgery

In the past, certain injuries almost always required surgery if healing did not occur as desired. Many people try to avoid surgery because of its cost and the fact that they may have an extensive recovery time resulting in time off of work. Others simply don’t want to be operated on. With the introduction of stem cell therapy, people now have a viable option that can sometimes eliminate the need for surgery.


Stem Cell Therapy Explained

Stem cell therapy involves using the body’s own stem cells to create new tissue to replace damaged tissues within an injured area of the body. Stem cells are like blank slates that pick up the characteristics of the cells around them. As they grow, they take the place of injured or damaged cells. By rejuvenating tissues in this manner, chronic pain can be minimized and your quality of life improved dramatically.


The Pros of Stem Cell Therapy

Just like most types of medical treatment, stem cell therapy has its pros and cons. It may not work as well if you have an injury that has resulted in extensive damage to your joint. For injuries that result in chronic, long-term pain, stem cell therapy may offer the relief that other procedures may not.

  • Uses Your Own Cells – Stem cells therapy uses cells harvested from your own body. They can be found in your bones, liver, blood, and skeletal muscles. Once they are harvested, they are added to a matrix that is injected directly into the injured area. They will then take on the characteristics of the damaged cells, promoting new, healthier cell growth.
  • Offers The Body What It Needs To Heal – By replacing the damaged cells, new tissues are formed that are healthier and stronger. This means less pain and discomfort. As the rejuvenated tissue continues to grow and duplicate itself, the joint becomes stronger and more resilient.
  • May Require Multiple Treatments – The one main drawback concerning stem cell therapy is that it can take several treatments to establish enough new tissue to correct the damaged caused by the injury. In some cases, maintenance treatments may be needed once or twice a year to ensure the rejuvenation continues to take place.

An injury can be a traumatic experience. Stem cell therapy gives your body the opportunity to recover without surgery. When combined with physical therapy, massage therapy, and various types of self-care, your pain and suffering can be greatly diminished in a few short weeks.


When Should You Consider Stem Cell Therapy?

If you suffered an injury that has resulted in chronic pain and you have been told surgery may be an option, talk to your doctor about the possibility of stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy offers a unique opportunity to allow the body to heal itself using its own cells and tissues.

Contact your doctor and ask what options are available to you. If stem cell therapy is mentioned, learn as much as you can so you can make an informed decision. Surgery is not the only option any longer. Stem cell therapy offers many benefits without having to damage additional tissues. It truly is an option worth looking into!

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