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Dr. Radman “Radi” Rahiminejad is the current CEO/President of BackFit Health + Spine. He co-founded BackFit Health + Spine in 2002, merging forces with his sister Dr. Yasmin Rahimi to establish one of the most innovative and patient-care-driven Multi-Specialty health  clinics in Arizona. His reputation as one of the most sought–after and affordable doctors in Chandler, Arizona, has earned Dr. Radi numerous awards and recognitions. Dr. Radi has been involved with health and science related fields ever since his undergraduate studies at Arizona State University.

Dr. Radi attended Arizona State University where he studied Psychology with a premed emphasis. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1996, Dr. Radi enrolled at the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic-West and graduated with his Doctorate in 2001. It was at Palmer West where Dr. Radi first became involved with sports chiropractic. It was his passion for sports rehabilitation that set the groundwork for Dr. Radi to help develop the concept of healthcare that is now BackFit Health + Spine core belief system.

Over the past many years Dr. Radi made it his company’s mission to provide the best Multi-Specialty healthcare to people in the Valley. Dr. Radi and his partners pioneered to expand BackFit to eight valley-wide locations with additional growth in the future. Dr. Radi stepped out of active practice several years ago to focus on improving the patient experience with regular trainings and mentoring of his clinical and support staff as well as traveling nationally to research other potential services he could bring to BackFit to further improve the level of patient service. When he is not busy with his role with BackFit, Dr Radi enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and staying very active.

Integrated Care for Optimal Health