Dr. Jon Musick, DC


Dr. Music discovered chiropractic at the age of 22 when training for a natural Mr. Utah bodybuilding competition. He recieved care hoping to decrease some neck and back pain, but discovered several additional benefits that included being stronger in the gym, sleeping better and an increased ability to deal with the stresses of life. Once he learned and understood that improving nervous system function was at the core of Chiropractic care and the reason for health benefits beyond pain relief, he knew he wanted to become a Chiropractic Physician.

However, his dreams were distracted for about 10 years when he labored as a medical representative for three companies including Johnson and Johnson. It was there that he learned how to care for patients indirectly by working closely with and consulting medical teams. His career was rewarding, but left him longing to work more directly with patients as a health care provider. So, he decided to take his family across country to attend Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, Georgia. It was there that he learned the science and art of becoming an excellent provider to help people. He has many teachers and mentors to thank for his skills and success. This career change has been extremely rewarding for him to serve in this capacity. He learned several chiropractic techniques that included adjusting patients by hand, drop table and gentle instrument adjusting. All of these techniques work but provide tools to effectively individualize care. He specializes in sports chiropractic and functional nutrition.

When Dr. Musick is not fulfilling his professional dream he is busy enjoying time with his beautiful wife and four children. Additionally, he finds great joy through serving others in his church assignments and striving to learn about and live the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. He frequently spends time attending and supporting his kids at sporting events, music performances and school activities. Being a husband and parent has changed his life for the better and is an amazing blessing in his life!

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