What Are the Different Types of Allergies?

About 80 million Americans (more than 20 percent of the population) suffer from some form of allergy. These allergies can cause inflammation within the body affecting our ability to heal and causing significant health issues.      

  • Environmental & Airborne Allergies: Airborne allergies result in inflammation of the respiratory membranes and possibly throughout the rest of the body and are one of the most common allergies. Common symptoms are runny nose, weepy or itchy eyes, sneezing and dark circles around eyes. Asthmatic symptoms such as wheezing and shortness of breath are also a result of airborne allergies.
  • Food Allergies: Food allergies are very common and often overlooked. Symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramps, respiratory congestion, bloating, or extreme fatigue after eating can indicate a food allergy. Many food allergies are not true allergies but rather food sensitivities that can be easily resolved.
  • Contact Allergies: These result from direct contact with an offending substance, which may be as universal as poison oak, bee stings, or common irritants such as dog or cat dander, or contact with environmental chemicals. Usual response is a rash, hives, or swelling of the local tissue that has come in contact with the irritant.
  • Autoimmune-type Allergies: Another less known form of allergic response is an autoimmune type allergy, where one may respond to one’s own tissues. A chronic cough, for example, may be a result of one being allergic to his or her own mucus, or chronic swelling of the eyes may be an allergy to one’s own tears.

At BackFit Health + Spine we have very comprehensive allergy testing options and “Natural” treatments available to help eliminate and prevent these allergies from doing significant harm. By eliminating this inflammation in the body we are able to help patients achieve better health.

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