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Dr. Brett Pfeifle, Chiropractor, at BackFit Goodyear

Dr. Brett Pfeifle, Chiropractor

BRETT PFEIFLE, DC GOODYEAR BACKFIT | CHIROPRACTOR Dr. Brett is a native of Wishek, North Dakota,…

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Dr. Brian Luedke, Chiropractor, at BackFit Desert Ridge

Dr. Brian Luedke, Chiropractor

BRIAN LUEDKE, DC DESERT RIDGE BACKFIT | CHIROPRACTOR Dr. Luedke was born and raised in Spencer,…

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Dr. John Kock, Chiropractor, at BackFit Chandler

Dr. John Koc, Chiropractor

JOHN KOC, DC CHANDLER BACKFIT | CHIROPRACTOR Dr. John is a native of Arizona. Growing up,…

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Dr. Nathan Grinder, Chiropractor, BackFit South Chandler

Dr. Nathan Grinder, Chiropractor

NATHAN GRINDER, DC SOUTH CHANDLER BACKFIT | CHIROPRACTOR Dr. Grinder completed his doctorate with honors from…

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Dr. Justin Wright, Chiropractor, BackFit Desert Ridge

Dr. Justin Wright, Chiropractor

JUSTIN WRIGHT, DC DESERT RIDGE BACKFIT | CHIROPRACTOR Dr. Justin has been exposed to chiropractic from…

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Dr. Brandon Krainik, Chiropractor, at BackFit Gilbert

Dr. Brandon Krainik, Chiropractor

BRANDON KRAINIK, DC GILBERT BACKFIT | CHIROPRACTOR A native of Denver, Dr. Krainik moved to Arizona…

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Dr. Collin Cragun, Chiropractor, BackFit Queen Creek

Dr. Collin Cragun, Chiropractor

COLLIN CRAGUN, DC QUEEN CREEK BACKFIT | CHIROPRACTOR Dr. Collin Cragun joined the team in March…

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Dr. Orlando Hubbell, Chiropractor, at BackFit Queen Creek

Dr. Orlando Hubbell, Chiropractor

ORLANDO HUBBELL, DC QUEEN CREEK BACKFIT | CHIROPRACTOR Dr. Hubbell has one of the best stories….

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Dr. Chris Walker, Chiropractor, at BackFit Tempe

Dr. Chris Walker, Chiropractor

CHRIS WALKER, DC TEMPE BACKFIT | CHIROPRACTOR Dr. Chris an Arizona native. He attended Arizona State…

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Dr. Coby Johns, Chiropractor, at BackFit Tempe

Dr. Coby Johns, Chiropractor

COBY JOHNS, DC, CCSP TEMPE BACKFIT | CHIROPRACTOR Dr. Coby grew up in Spanish Fork, Utah….

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Dr. Phoebe Sampayo at the Phoenix Backfit location

Dr. Phoebe Sampayo, Chiropractor

PHOEBE SAMPAYO, DC PHOENIX BACKFIT | CHIROPRACTOR Dr. Sampayo attended Ithaca College and majored in Health…

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Dr. Jacob Hanson, Chiropractor, at BackFit Phoenix

Dr. Jacob Hanson, Chiropractor

JACOB HANSON, DC PHOENIX BACKFIT |CHIROPRACTOR Dr. Jake is one of the most affordable chiropractors in…

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