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Why get checked

If you are in severe pain, you’re bleeding, or a bone is protruding from your skin, please call 911 immediately. This information is intended for non-emergency care.

After an accident, your adrenaline is pumping. You may not feel like you’re hurt but you may be and not know it. It’s in your best interest to seek medical attention within 72 hours of an accident to identify any underlying injuries, whether you feel any pain or not.

Common injuries from a accidents include sprains, strains, and spams, blurred vision, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, back or neck pain, numbness or tingling, sciatica, shoulder pain, spinal cord injury, stiffness, whiplash, seatbelt injury, and more.

Don’t wait to see if you have pain after an accident. Check it today.


What You Get

Plan on 1 hour for a thorough check-up.

1: Physical Exam With A Doctor of Chiropractic
2: On-site Diagnostic Digital X-Rays (as needed)
Bonus: free B-12 shot for energy and healing boost

No out of pocket expenses on you first visit ever.
No out of pocket expenses at all if you’re not at fault.

Providing chiropractic care, physical therapy, medical services,
pain management, and massage.

Complete injury care under 1 roof.

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