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Knee Pain

Knee pain is defined as stiffness, swelling, sensitivity, or pain in one or both knees. The location and severity of knee pain may vary depending on the cause. Knee problems can also start as mild discomfort and progressively get worse. It is often caused by injury, misalignment, or degeneration.

Injury is the most common cause of knee pain. Some knee injuries respond well to self-care measures, but others require physical therapy, knee braces, medication, or injections. In some rare cases, surgical intervention is necessary.

Common injuries, especially from sports accidents, include:

• ACL injury or tear
• Bursitis of the knee
• Cruciate ligament injury
• Fractures, especially of the patella

• Medial collateral ligament injury or tear
• Patellar tendonitis
• Torn meniscus

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BackFit Treatment Program

The treatment at BackFit for knee pain is all encompassing. Many of our patients have experienced the results, and you can too!

The BackFit Knee Pain Treatment Program integrates:

1. Physical Therapy with prescribed exercises and stretches
2. Chiropractic Adjustments for the knee, hip, foot, and more
3. Customized knee support braces
4. Natural hyaluronic acid injections

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