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Being prescribed with medication and sticking to the regime is the first step towards gaining control over your mental and/or physical condition. Medications such as antidepressants, psychotropics, and other psychiatric remedies should be prescribed only by your licensed doctor, and in order for the treatment to have a successful outcome, following the schedule is of the essence. If you need medication monitoring, we are here for you.

Our medication management center is here to make sure the patient is sticking to the regime while also avoiding any potentially harmful drug interactions. When a patient is prescribed a lot of medications, due to his or her chronic disease or some other severe condition, medication management can be a good addition to the overall pharmaceutical therapy.

Medication management can include printed lists with medication descriptions, dosage, and administration instructions. These records are provided to patients for detailed insight, as well as put in the patient’s file so that a doctor can keep track of individual’s therapy progress.

One of the key activities of our medication management center is medication monitoring. Since prescribed drugs should be taken in specific doses at certain intervals, a person who administers medication must be there to make sure the patient doesn’t miss his or her dose or take inadequate quantities, which can result in complications.

Another important part of medication management services involves checking for possible harm of drug interactions. This includes making sure that the patients don’t receive conflicting or harmful prescriptions. It also includes taking care of how the medications should be combined with certain foods, whether or not they should be taken with food, to begin with, and preventing alcohol consumption. It is also important that a patient is reminded about possible side-effects of medication intake, such as nausea, fatigue, appetite loss, or anything else that could affect their daily activities. This is where our medication monitoring proves to be most effective.

Medication management services are available at BackFit Health + Spine in all of their 7 locations Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Queen Creek and Chandler-Ocotillo. Call our medication management center and schedule an appointment.



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