Mirx Headache Protocol



BackFit Health + Spine introduces a revolutionary new protocol that will change the way you will treat headaches forever.

This new protocol utilizes a newly FDA approved device called the Tx360TM. This technology is proprietary and can only be used by practitioners that have implemented the MiRx® protocol. This treatment is at the leading edge of medicine, and will truly help headache sufferers live better lives.

What is the MiRx® Protocol?

The MiRx® protocol is an integrated headache management and treatment program that addresses all aspects of head pain. To achieve this effectively, a series of medical procedures are integrated with a physical medicine/therapy treatment plan.

The medical doctor component addresses the physiological and chemical imbalances that lead to migraines and associated headaches. Whereas, the physical medicine/therapy component of the program address any biomechanical imbalances which lead to cervicogenic or tension headaches. Therefore, the protocol is integrated and consists of two main components.

The medical doctor component is 4-6 weeks long and is done concurrently with the physical medicine/therapy treatment plan which is (also 4-6 weeks). Are you a candidate for MiRx?

Tx360TM Nasal Applicator

The Tx360TM Nasal Applicator is a non-sterile device intended for use in adults to deliver small amounts of fluid (=1cc, luer lock) selected by a healthcare professional to the nasal pathway, including the area of the inferior turbinate, superior turbinate, sphenopalatine foramen, etc.

The MiRx® protocol most effectively treats the following conditions:

  • Atypical Facial Pain
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Cluster Headaches
  • Tension Headaches
  • Migraine Headaches (with or without ocular symptoms)


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