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About 10% of people struggle with painful “trigger points.” These are knots of chronically tense muscle tissue which can make it hard to work, hard to sit, walk and just live a normal life. Fortunately, BackFit Health + Spine offers one of the most promising pain relief treatments for trigger points: trigger point injections (TPIs). Our trigger point injections directly relieve the pain and enable people to move and live normally again.

What are Trigger Points?

Trigger points are knots of muscle that never relax—they always stay tight and tense, and eventually become very sore. They usually form in deep muscle tissues in the back, neck, legs and arms. Trigger points may stem from a traumatic injury, or build up as a result of numerous micro-traumas (overuse injuries). People with fibromyalgia often struggle with trigger points as well. Not only do these trigger points hurt locally (on the spot where the trigger point formed), but because one muscle is connected to other tissues and muscles, a trigger point can cause “referred pain” that radiates out like a domino effect to other areas of the body. Pain caused can include back, neck and jaw pain, headaches, pain in the extremities, and even ear pain.

Trigger points are “hyper-irritable”— very painful and sensitive to the touch. In fact, when trigger points are touched, you may suddenly twitch from the pain, and you might find it difficult to move that muscle. Our Phoenix area clinics offers trigger point injections which aim to relax these very painful areas.

What Happens During Trigger Point Injections?

Naturally, people afflicted with trigger points need a way to find pain relief. Our trigger point injections are very successful at relaxing these points and relieving the pain.

At our seven greater-Phoenix locations, one of our experienced chiropractors will first diagnose the root cause of your muscular pain and determine if it is being caused by a trigger point or points. Once the trigger point (or points) have been located, we will use a very thin needle to inject a local anesthetic (to numb the direct pain) and a corticosteroid for long-term pain relief. Treatment only takes a few minutes, and several trigger points can be injected during the same appointment. Patients who have experienced our trigger point injections report immediate pain relief and are usually able to resume normal activities.

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