Peripheral neuropathy is a complex and painful condition that is caused by damage to the peripheral nervous system. This nerve network transmits information between the brain and other parts of the body. If you are suffering from peripheral neuropathy, it is natural to feel frustrated and worried about how to best manage this pain. Our Phoenix chiropractors are here to help. At BackFit Health + Spine, we offer an innovative treatment known as Combined Electro-Chemical Treatment or CET. CET therapy for neuropathy helps to stimulate nerve regrowth which can reduce and, in some cases, entirely eliminate pain.

Innovative CET Protocol for Neuropathy Treatment

Peripheral nerves are responsible for sending messages to your brain about heat, cold, and pain. When the peripheral nerve network is damaged, it is unable to correctly relay these messages. Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy include burning-like pain, numbness in the feet or hands, leg cramps, a sharp electrical-like pain, difficulty sleeping due to foot and/or leg discomfort, prickling or tingling sensations in the feet and hands, muscle weakness, and poor balance.

BackFit Health + Spine uses an innovative protocol to treat neuropathy pain called the “Combined Electro-Chemical Treatment” or CET (CETtherapy for neuropathy). Unlike other treatments, which rely on oral medications or surgery, the CET protocol stimulates nerve regrowth to reduce and in some cases eliminate pain and inflammation entirely. CET incorporates two well-established procedures that have been combined into a protocol that is an effective treatment solution for both diabetic and idiopathic neuropathies.

The first part of the CET treatment is a nerve block, which is administered using a local anesthetic. The nerve block relieves the immediate pain and limits nerve activity during the treatment that follows. It also works to improve blood flow to the affected areas. The second treatment component is Electronic Signal Therapy (EST), which is delivered by a state-of-the-art wave generator that has been specifically developed for the treatment of neuropathy and severe neuro-muscular pain.

Since the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy are so multi-faceted, a peripheral neuropathy diagnosis requires careful evaluation. A number of different tests are available to help determine the severity of your nerve damage, as well as work to ascertain the underlying cause of this damage.

Many of our patients have suffered from neuropathy for years and worried that they would never again be able to live an active life or do the things that they once enjoyed. One of our patients, for example, had not picked up a golf club in years because he lacked the balance to play. Now, he can once again feel his toes and is back on the golf course at least twice per week. Another patient, tired of relying on medications that only masked his pain, tried our treatment protocol and is now back to hiking and spending time outdoors.

If your life has been compromised due to neuropathy pain, our Phoenix chiropractors are here to help. Contact us today to learn more!