Best Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program: A Healthier You is Possible

If you are struggling to lose weight, our approach to medical weight loss is based on sound scientific research and patient-proven strategies that really work – not fad diets that leave you hungry, cranky and weighing more than when you started! Our weight loss team understands that losing weight is not easy, and we are here to help. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight supports whole body health, reduces your risk for chronic illness and pain, and helps you live a full, active lifestyle.

Supervision at Our Medical Weight Loss Clinic

Our weight loss approach focuses on long-term changes, rather than a “quick fix” diet that starves the body. Many weight loss programs fail because these programs focus only on instant results, rather than helping patients make the permanent lifestyle changes necessary to maintain their weight loss for years to come. This is one way that our weight loss services stand out from the rest. The best weight loss program helps educate patients about whole foods and vitamins that are essential to an active lifestyle and successful weight loss.

Patients choose our medical weight loss clinic for their weight loss needs because our program really works. Other weight loss programs deprive the body of vital nutrients, using extreme crash dieting to drop pounds quickly. Unfortunately, once patients stop dieting, these pounds come right back. These diets send the body into starvation mode and slow down the metabolism. Our approach to weight loss is the exact opposite: we help fire up our patient’s metabolism and turn their bodies into fat-burning machines. Most importantly, by teaching our patients how to eat healthily, they are able to sustain their weight loss for years to come.

The Best Weight Loss Program

Our weight loss services focus on each patient’s unique dietary needs. Rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we customize dietary plans for each of our patients. This includes patients with special dietary needs, such as a gluten-free diet or other food allergies and intolerances. We also work closely with patients to identify food intolerances that may be contributing to their weight gain. Many patients are surprised to learn that some of their weight problems may be due in part to gluten or dairy intolerances that have gone undiagnosed. By identifying nutritional deficits, our medical weight loss center helps patients correct internal imbalances and achieve optimal wellness.

Achieving and maintaining an optimal weight is essential for whole body health and complements the benefits of chiropractic care. Patients who are overweight are at an increased risk of pain. Carrying around extra weight compresses the spine and internal organs, affecting optimal body function. By losing weight, our patients are not only healthier, but they suffer from less chronic pain and are able to live an active lifestyle.

If you have tried and failed to lose weight before, don’t give up. Our weight loss program really works. Contact our medical weight loss team today!!


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