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Originally born and raised in the United Kingdom, Linda Benjamin made Phoenix Arizona home and joined Backfit after practicing as an Internal Medicine Physician Assistant. As an Internist, Linda provided a wide range of medical services such as Urgent Care, Family and Women’s Health and specialized care, including Physical Medical Rehabilitation providing joint injections. Linda also has experience in Neurology, Endocrinology, Cardiology and Plastic and Hand Surgery at the Mayo Clinic Hospital of Arizona. 

She naturally gravitated towards a career in health sciences after earning a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Arizona State University. She worked as a nutrition counselor for private clients as well as serve and address health issues at Maricopa County Hospital. Over the years, her combined experiences solidified her passion and interest in medicine and in becoming a Physician Assistant. 

She looks forward to providing quality, integrated, patient-focused care for her Backfit patients through their journey to recovery. Staying true to her love of medicine and all things healthy, she has a passion for muscular strength training and hiking. She loves travelling the world while absorbing the rich cultures of every destination she explores, as well as spending quality time with her family.

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7 years and counting. This place has it all and is great for both getting back into condition as well as starting there.

David B
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I have struggled with tension headaches off and on for years. I got an analysis of the cause of the pain and a treatment plan in the first week! The staff is professional, helpful and very kind.

Amberley M
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LOVE THIS PLACE! The staff is amazing and they really care about you! They can help you with everything - GO SEE THEM!

Lynda R
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Every time I leave this place I feel amazing! The staff is wonderful and there are so many different options to help relieve me of my pain. They always work with me to find what helps me the most.

Sarah L
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I recommend this place to everyone! Highly attentive professionals that are not only motivational and work very well as a team, but most importantly make you feel like family. I always look forward to my visits.

Brenda Z
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The team here is so friendly and helpful! They helped me rehab my whiplash and back pain! I am so grateful for the people that took the time to listen to me and that gave me the attention I needed.

Edelmira Y
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I look forward and enjoy every visit in my road to back recovery. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming. I will no longer be looking for another chiropractor office to meet my back needs. I also like the fact they provide other health needs.

Don V
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I was a little weary at first, but man even in the first two weeks they are really making a difference in my health! I felt the difference just after my first visit! I am committed to coming back and staying consistently. I actually recommend!