What Is Spinal Decompression Therapy?

Spinal Decompression Therapy is a non-invasive way to relieve back and leg pain. The technique stretches the spine by using a traction table or motorized device.

The alleviating treatment allows patients to forego surgery and still reap the benefits of pain relief and optimal healing conditions.

What are the benefits of Spinal Decompression Treatment?

  • Retract and reposition herniated or bulging discs
  • Optimize nutrient delivery to impacted discs to speed healing time

What exactly happens in a spinal decompression session?

In a controlled setting, the chiropractor stretches and relaxes the spine. By creating more space along the backbone, there is an opportunity to create negative intradiscal pressure. This means that the disc itself will become less pressurized, allowing the herniated or bulging material to return to the respective disc. The negative pressure also creates space for nutrients to enter the disc and catalyze the healing process.

When the treatment focuses on the lower spine, which it commonly does, the patient lays face down, fully clothed on a motorized table. A harness attached to the table’s feet fastens at the patient’s hips while the upper body stays fixed. As the lower half of the table moves, the patient’s lower, harnessed body moves with it. The table slides back and forth, encouraging relaxation and traction in the spine.

Will I feel pain during the treatment?

No, patients should not feel any pain during nor after the treatment. There will be some noticeable stretching sensation along the spine, but not pain.

How long does the treatment series take?

Generally, chiropractors administer 15 to 30 treatments over a four to six week period. Each session lasts 30 to 45 minutes.

What should I do when I’m not in for a treatment?

While going through Spinal Decompression Therapy, it’s important to adequately nourish your healing body. Drink a half-gallon of water each day, rest often, consult with your chiropractor or physician about nutritional supplements and consider adopting daily at-home back strengthening exercises.

Am I a candidate for Spinal Decompression treatments?

While the alternative therapy is useful to anyone looking to absolve their bodies of pain and generate more optimal healing environments for herniated and bulging discs, the treatment sessions are better for some candidates than others.

Common symptoms patients experience due to herniated, bulging or degenerated discs:

  • Lower back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Neck pain

Patients who are generally healthy, committed to regular sessions and willing to practice at-home care are good candidates for the chiropractic technique.

The stretching and relaxation technique is not suitable for some patients. Do not commit to spinal decompression if you fall under the following categories:

  • Pregnant women
  • Previous pain improvement surgeries without recovery
  • Patients who had unsuccessful back surgery
  • Patients with any broken vertebrae
  • Patient with an artificial disc in their spine
  • Patients with any implants in their spine
  • Patients who had undergone spinal fusion
  • Patients with osteoporosis
  • Patients with spondylolisthesis
  • Patients with spinal stenosis, infection or tumor

Backfit Health+Spine offers unparalleled chiropractic spinal decompression therapy. If you think you might be a candidate or want to get started on the pain relief procedure, come into our Chandler location for a consultation. Meet the staff, get to the know the chiropractors and see what a world of difference our noninvasive treatments can make in your life.

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