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Frequently Asked Questions at BackFit Health + Spine

Everything you want to know about chiropractic, physical therapy, sports medicine, allergy treatments, weight loss, and how BackFit Health + Spine brings it all together.

Do you prescribe pain medications to help manage pain?2020-12-10T10:12:23-07:00

No. Our medical providers treat their patients without the assistance of opioids. BackFit believes in treating pain in the most natural, non-invasive, non-addictive way possible primarily through superior chiropractic and physical therapy.

How can physical therapy help my pain?2020-12-21T11:04:58-07:00

Physical therapy is more than just something you do after you have surgery. It can help relieve everyday pain. Physical therapy increases strength and flexibility within the muscles and other soft tissue helping the body’s natural healing process. Going to physical therapy can also help reduce swelling and increase range of motion. Prescribed therapeutic exercises can also stabilize your joints and prevent future damage or injury

Other than my main clinic, can I get treatment from any BackFit clinic at any time?2020-12-10T10:07:03-07:00

For your privacy and continuity of care, we cannot regularly see you at different BackFit clinics. However, if you have moved or find one of our other clinics is more convenient for you, we are happy to transfer your patient chart to another BackFit clinic.

When should I start seeing a chiropractor?2020-12-10T10:07:47-07:00

The body begins to deteriorate as early as 30, but there’s no reason to not get ahead of this and start earlier. As noted elsewhere, children as young as newborns may benefit from chiropractic adjustments. Pre-teens and teens may find chiropractic to benefit their growing pains or to help them excel at sports. And young adults may find it helps them avoid pain from poor posture at school or work. Chiropractic is not just for the middle-aged and elderly.

Why should I see a chiropractor?2020-11-18T15:40:44-07:00

Along with the brain, the spinal column contains the most essential nerves to help keep your body functioning. Chiropractic care can help relieve joint or muscle pain, headaches and migraines, shooting or sharp pains, and improve your range of motion. Receiving regular adjustments can also help prevent injury and normal wear and tear from aging. Whether you are in pain or not, chiropractic pain can help get you and keep you healthy.

When can I start to feel better from BackFit treatments?2020-12-10T09:38:53-07:00

Most patients report immediate pain relief that lasts longer the more they keep up with initial treatment. Each patient has many different factors within their lives that can influence the speed of recovery. Once an initial treatment plan is completed, patients that continue on with a Wellness Plan at BackFit with less frequent treatments report the longest lasting results.

Does chiropractic treatment require a referral from a Medical Doctor (MD)?2021-06-28T10:02:45-07:00

An MD referral is not needed to receive chiropractic care from a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). However, your insurance may require a referral for you to receive full benefits. If a referral is required, we will recommend that you return to your primary care physician (PCP) after your first $49 visit to inquire into a referral. We will never start treatment without your express permission and understanding of payment responsibility.

Why is there a “popping” or “cracking” sound when a joint is adjusted?2020-12-10T09:43:04-07:00

You won’t always hear a sound when you receive a chiropractic adjustment, but it is very common to hear a sound. It can be a frightening sensation, but sound is normal during an adjustment.

Sound during an adjustment is never the bone colliding with another bone. There are three actual reasons you might hear a “pop” during an adjustment:

  • Bubble cavitation: nitrogen and carbon dioxide capsules exist around joints to help them move without friction. When these capsules are adjusted into the correct position, the rapidly moving gas can create a popping sound. This is common in facet and ball joints such as in the spine, hip, and shoulder.
  • Tendons and ligaments: the soft tissue that connects muscles to bones and bones to other bones is often slightly out of place During an adjustment, your tendons and ligaments might move over each other back into their proper position, creating a pop or a cracking sound. This is common in the ankles, knees, elbows, and wrists.
  • Arthritis: patients with arthritis might notice more noise during and adjustment. This is because arthritis can cause cartilage, the padding between bones, to lose its smoothness. A rougher surface of cartilage can sometimes cause more noise, but should remain painless during an adjustment.

There is usually no discomfort to minimal discomfort during and after an adjustment. If you experience discomfort, let your chiropractor immediately know.

Are all patients adjusted the same way?2020-11-18T15:28:18-07:00

No. Each and every patient’s treatment and wellness plan is different based on your pain. There are a variety of different techniques to get adjusted as well, and patient needs and choice are always taken into account at BackFit. You can read more about chiropractic adjustment methods here.

Should I adjust myself?2020-11-18T15:25:23-07:00

No. Never adjust yourself at home or work. Chiropractic adjustments require specific training with specific force and location. It is not possible for anyone to effectively and fully adjust oneself. Not even a chiropractor can effectively work on themselves.

What should I wear to my physical therapy appointment?2020-11-18T15:23:12-07:00

You should arrive at your physical therapy appointment in clothes that are easy to move around in. Workout clothes such as shorts, sweatpants, leggings, t-shirts, and tennis shoes are recommended attire.

How long will my treatment plan last?2020-12-10T10:00:59-07:00

Treatment lengths vary from person to person and case to case. During your first visit, our medical providers will explain the recommended treatment plan that is right for you, as well as what is covered by your insurance.

How many locations does BackFit have?2020-12-10T10:19:17-07:00

After starting our services in Chandler, Arizona in 2002 we have since grown to have 9 clinics throughout Maricopa County. As of 2019, we have expanded our services to other states including North and South Carolina.

Visit our locations page for exact locations!

Do you have Spanish speaking providers?2020-12-10T10:12:53-07:00

Yes, we usually have at least 1 Spanish speaking employee at every clinic. To confirm that your BackFit clinic has a Spanish speaker, please email us or call us at (877) 222-5348 .

Do babies, kids, and teens need chiropractic care?2021-05-14T08:21:31-07:00

Many chiropractic techniques have been adapted for newborns to young adults. Pediatric chiropractic adjustments on the very young have been proven to be safe and gentle, often going unnoticed by your newborn or toddler. Many new parents report that chiropractic care on their babies can:

  • Soothe colic
  • Soothe ear and sinus infections
  • Create better latching for breastfeeding
  • Improve a baby’s sleep to be better and longer

As your children get older, they may also become more active, increasing their exposure to an active lifestyle or sports. Young athletes visit BackFit often as a part of their sporting activities. But even if your kids and teens aren’t athletes, regular adjustments can improve posture, increase mobility, reduce pain, and assist in growth.

Having the spine and joints of your kids adjusted throughout childhood can also prevent health problems that might emerge later in adulthood. Many parents prefer chiropractic care for their children because of its safe, non-invasive nature.

I’m pregnant. Can I still see a chiropractor? What about massage?2021-05-14T08:32:46-07:00

Yes, both chiropractic care and massage therapy are okay to receive throughout your entire pregnancy. Both Doctors of Chiropractic and our Licensed Massage Therapists are educated and trained specifically in techniques for pregnant patients. Chiropractors also have techniques to naturally turn a breech baby safely and effectively. Some patients have also reported faster deliveries when receiving chiropractic care before going into labor

Because of the reduced ability for pregnant patients to take medication for pain, chiropractic adjustments, and prenatal massage are both excellent, natural approaches for relief during pregnancy. And they work exceptionally well when received together.

Do you accept insurance?2020-12-10T10:14:50-07:00

We accept all major medical insurances, except Medicaid and state programs, such as AHCCCS. We also accept cash, credit cards, care credit, HSAs, and FSAs.

As a complimentary service, we will call your insurance company for you to verify coverage on your specific plan. We will also go over what they will cover for you and what they will not before starting a treatment plan with you. For more information on our payment options, please visit our payment options page

Is Chiropractic Care safe?2020-12-10T10:15:20-07:00

Yes, chiropractic care is safe. It is non-invasive, non-surgical, and drug-free. Chiropractic care takes nothing out of the body and puts nothing into it. Because it is one of the safest of all healthcare professions, chiropractors enjoy one of the lowest malpractice insurance rates.

There is more than just one kind of adjustment technique. Many people only know about manual adjustments, where the doctor “cracks” (adjusts) your joints. However, there are more non-invasive techniques, such as the activator method and Thompson technique, which are both low impact compared to manual adjustments.

Choice of treatment is always yours. You can choose to not have certain parts of your body adjusted, such as your neck, or use other adjustment methods on certain parts or your whole body. Your Doctor of Chiropractic will keep lines of communication open to allow you choice, so definitely communicate what you want out of your chiropractic care. You can read more about chiropractic adjustment methods here.

What should I expect during my first appointment for $49?2021-06-28T10:02:09-07:00

Expect your first visit to take 1 hour, however it may be shorter or longer depending on your concerns.

At BackFit, we start with a medical history and physical exam with one of our Doctors of Chiropractic. We will also provide a tour of our full facilities. You may ask any questions you may have during this medical consultation.

After the exam and consult, we provide diagnostic digital x-rays on-site as needed. Generally, you should not receive chiropractic adjustments or other physical medicine work without diagnostic imaging first, however there are exceptions such as pregnant women, young children, and people with certain medical conditions.

The Doctor will review your exam and x-rays with our other medical providers to come to a consensus on the best treatment plan for you, after wish they will discuss the best treatment plan options with you.

Treatment, including chiropractic adjustments, are not usually included in the first visit. Providing same-day treatment without review of your exam results and x-rays is at the Doctor’s discretion.

Do you offer same-day appointments for urgent pain?2020-12-10T10:16:39-07:00

We keep same-day appointment times available to accommodate any emergency pain you may have, such as pain from an accident or injury. To make a same-day appointment, please call our scheduling team at (877) 222-5348.

What treatment is right for me?2020-12-10T10:17:12-07:00

Our medical professionals are able to determine what treatment is best for you after your first visit which is a diagnostic. From labs to x-rays and more, we can help you discover the source of your pain. Once our providers review your results, we can discuss with you the best treatment options for you.

How do I make an appointment?2020-12-10T10:17:51-07:00

You can call our scheduling team at (877) 222-5348 or by filling out the make an appointment form. We will call you to confirm your appointment day and time within 1 business day.

Are there any special offers or deals for new patients?2021-06-28T10:02:52-07:00

Yes! We offer new patients an initial exam and consultation for just $49. X-rays are included, as needed.

Visit our new patient page to learn more.

How do Physical Therapy and Chiropractic work together?2020-12-10T10:18:49-07:00

Chiropractic care restores proper spinal and joint alignment, also releasing pressure on pinched nerves. Physical Therapy custom exercise programs bring strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and stability back to your body. Together these treatments provide enhanced pain relief and support the body’s natural healing process.

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