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Diagnostic ultrasound and x-rays help pinpoint the cause of soft and hard tissue conditions. They help identify the underlying structural issues that are causing your symptoms.

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What kind of diagnostic testing does BackFit do?

Here at BackFit Health + Spine, we focus on musculoskeletal conditions. We provide on-site digital x-rays and ultrasound imaging to help pinpoint the cause of soft and hard tissue conditions. These 2 diagnostic imaging procedures are used to correctly identify the underlying structural issue that is causing your symptoms.

This in-house service allows you to save time and money by not having to go to an x-ray or ultrasound clinic or hospital for imaging. And since our diagnostics are digital, results are provided almost immediately, leading to faster treatment and relief from pain.

We also provide various lab testing services.

What is a diagnostic ultrasound?

Diagnostic ultrasound, or diagnostic medical sonography, is a handheld imaging method that uses high-frequency sound waves (or ultrasound waves) to produce images of inside your body’s internal structures. Ultrasound exams show your muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, internal organs, blood vessels, and more.

These images can provide valuable information for diagnosing and treating a variety of conditions and diseases, such as sprains, strains, tears, and other soft tissue problems. It can also be used as a live viewing aid during certain treatments and procedures.

Ultrasound is safe, non-invasive, and does not use radiation.

What are digital x-rays?

As you probably know, traditional x-rays use photographic film. Digital radiography is similar but uses digital sensors instead of film. The machine set up at BackFit is similar to a traditional x-ray machine, but results are nearly instant.

Digital x-rays also use 80% less ionizing radiation and the digital images can be enhanced after processing, while traditional x-rays cannot be enhanced later.

Our doctors provide imaging for almost all of our patients. We want to check for fractures or breaks, disc issues, scoliosis, tumors, or other abnormalities before providing health care. This is especially important before providing chiropractic but sometimes also for physical therapy and our medical services.

If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, make sure to tell your doctor before you get an x-ray.

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