10 Causes of Fatigue

What causes fatigue? Sometimes the answer is simple. If you constantly stay up too late, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to pinpoint the cause of your chronic exhaustion. But if you keep a sensible schedule and still can’t shake your fatigue, there may be a physiological reason behind it.

What Causes Fatigue

1. Pain

Chronic pain depletes your energy during the day and robs you of your ability to get comfortable enough to sleep at night. Lower back pain is one of the more common culprits, as are stiff necks, muscle spasms, and aching joints. Whether your condition warrants massage therapy, trigger point injections or physical therapy, a pain management clinic can help you get that energy back.

2. Insomnia

Classic insomnia-busters include taking melatonin supplements, indulging in a warm bath before bedtime, drinking chamomile tea, and practicing mindful breathing. In addition, consider visiting a massage therapist regularly in order to give your muscles — and your racing mind — a chance to relax.

3. Being Inactive

Regular exercise is prized for promoting better sleep cycles. Obviously, when you’re coping with fatigue, the thought of starting a new fitness routine can be daunting. Start slowly, with weekend walks and morning stretching.

4. Working Out Too Close to Bedtime

Doing vigorous workouts too late in the day can actually keep you from falling asleep. With your heart rate elevated and your adrenaline pumping, it might take you hours to come down from your “high.” The obvious solution? Work out earlier in the day.

5. Restless Legs

Are you starting to notice a constant need to turn over at night, as well as pains and “creepy crawly” feelings in your legs?. Restless leg syndrome is a real condition — one that robs people of the sleep they need. Therapeutic massage, along with also applications of hot and cold compresses, can make a big difference.

6. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CFS, which leaves patients perpetually exhausted and robbed of strength, can have complex causes. There is currently no known “cure.” Instead, patients find some relief by addressing their symptoms. Consider massage therapy to ease aching joints. Physical therapy can help strengthen muscles.

7. Anemia

Some people don’t realize that anemia isn’t just about a lack of iron — although iron deficiency anemia is certainly one of the types to consider. In addition, other kinds of vitamin deficiency anemia can cause fatigue. Ask your doctor about this possibility. She can run a comprehensive blood screen, and prescribe supplements and dietary changes.

8. Sleep apnea

Irregular breathing or deep snoring interferes with your brain’s ability to get enough oxygen. Your body reacts to this syndrome by waking constantly, so that you never get the deep sleep that you need for true rest. There are different kinds of sleep apnea, each with specific treatments. Visit your doctor to pinpoint your diagnosis and treatment plan. These can range from losing weight, to getting a specialized breathing machine for nighttime use.

9. Thyroid problems

Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can cause fatigue. Regular screenings with your doctor can measure whether your thyroid is over- or under-functioning. Taking medications that adjust your thyroid hormone levels may resolve your fatigue and muscle weakness.

10. Poor Diet

A bad diet can lead to chronic fatigue in a number of ways. Extra weight often makes sleeping uncomfortable or disrupts breathing patterns at night. In addition, a person who lacks lean, healthy proteins and complex carbohydrates is similar to an engine that can’t run properly because of the lack of “fuel.” Talk to your physical therapist or nutritionist about simple changes you can begin making.

If you believe that a physical condition is contributing to your chronic fatigue, contact us today for an assessment. The solutions to your fatigue issues are within reach!

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