3 New Year’s Tips for Personal Self-Care

Practicing self-care comes in many forms and tends to be a common theme for New Year resolutions. Following the year that we just had, self-care will once again win the popularity contest for 2021 resolutions and it should!

When you’re focused on accomplishing daily tasks at work or home and taking care of your family, it’s easy to find yourself focusing on everything, but yourself. Couple that with external events and you may be experiencing high levels of stress. Similar to stress-relief, self-care promotes taking time for yourself and your own health. Read along to learn a few ways you can implement self-care practices into your routine for the New Year.

Start a Workout Routine

Personal self-care can include staying physically active. Physical activity doesn’t have to mean running 5 miles or becoming a CrossFit champ, it’s actually easier than you think! Going for a daily walk outside or purchasing a workout app to follow workouts from home will do the trick.

To start, you may want to consider getting into a workout routine. Magazines such as Men’s Health and Women’s Health can offer great insight into exercise programs for people of any experience level and also offer inspiration to keep you going.

Aside from the physical benefits of working out, exercising also offers several health-related advantages. According to the Mayo Clinic, exercising can have positive impacts on everything from combating cardiovascular diseases, overall mood, and better sleep. A major part of getting into a workout routine is finding one that is right for your age and fitness level, so be sure to do your search before jumping into a program.

Love Yourself

Loving yourself is the ideal outcome of practicing self-care. Doing what makes you happy can come in a plethora of ways, from taking the time to go through your skincare routines, to practicing stress-relief exercises or creating a space for you to go to and recharge. There isn’t a better time to reflect on what happiness looks like for you and determine the goals you want to tackle goals yourself this year.

While we are stuck inside maybe it’s time to pull the trigger on that living room renovation you’ve been putting off or decorating a relaxing nook for you to escape to after a long stressful day. Make sure you have items that make your space warm and special to you such as finding a comfortable couch you can cozy up on or adding a touch of greenery and warm lighting to generate a calming ambiance. Whatever happiness looks like for you, doing something that focuses on yourself is a positive step.

Listen to Your Body

Between exercise and home projects, you may put a strain on your body. Whether you are sore after a workout or had a long week at work burning the midnight oil and you start feeling it physically, your body will let you know.

One thing you can do on a daily basis to help your body and mind is to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. While getting proper rest is a general rule of thumb, sleeping also carries many benefits, while conversely, sleep deprivation has numerous negative effects on your body and mind.

If you find yourself struggling, a great way to practice personal self-care and combat physical fatigue is to consider a massage therapy session to help relax your muscles and mind.

Personal self-care can be your key to happiness in 2021. Whether you decide to begin exercising more often, taking on more activities that put you first, or getting in-tune with your body, self-care only offers positive benefits. Whatever self-care techniques you decide to practice, BackFit is here to help you.

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