3 Ways an Ultrasound Can Help

Discover ways an ultrasound can help improve your life

Mention the word “ultrasound” and most people conjure up an image of a pregnant woman having a wand gently moved over her stomach. This procedure often gives the parents-to-be their first real glimpse of their baby — and they walk away with lots of pictures to prove it. It might surprise you to learn that medical professionals use ultrasound technology for a variety of other reasons in order to provide the best services for their patient.

1. What is an Ultrasound?

Before you do a deep dive into the ways that an ultrasound scan can help, it’s a good idea to learn exactly what this common medical test is. A medical provider uses an ultrasound scan to send high-frequency sound waves into a particular area of your body. These are then used to capture real-time images of your internal organs that your doctor can use as a diagnostic tool. You might also hear your medical provider refer to ultrasound as diagnostic medical sonography or tell you that you could benefit from sonography.

2. Using an Ultrasound Scan as a Diagnostic Tool

In spite of the popularity of using an ultrasound scan as a way for prospective parents to learn the gender of their unborn baby, the real reason for this routine medical test is to check the development of the fetus. In much the same way, medical professionals can also use an ultrasound to check the structure of a particular bodily system and make a diagnosis of other conditions.

Soft tissue conditions might be suspected in a patient, but it’s only with a diagnostic tool like an ultrasound that can help the medical provider know for certain if a condition like a strain, tear or sprain is the issue. By studying the pictures that an ultrasound scan produces of the tendons, joints, muscles and ligaments, the correct diagnosis can be given and subsequent treatment options recommended.


3. Going Deeper with an Ultrasound

At BackFit Health+Spine, there is another way that an ultrasound scan is used to help patients. Because the musculoskeletal system is so crucial to a person’s health and vitality, getting an accurate look at what is going on inside these structures is necessary to make a correct diagnosis.

In addition to using an ultrasound scan to aid in the diagnosis of certain suspected conditions, there are other uses for this technology. A medical provider might use sonography as a way of checking the progress of a particular treatment or to find out if a condition has remained stable or if it has changed.


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