5 Ways to Better Communicate About Your Chronic Pain

­Did you know that around 116 million people in the U.S. live with chronic pain? Sometimes those who deal with chronic pain on a daily basis can feel so isolated and alone, and that’s not ok. Living with chronic pain is bad enough without continuously having to struggle to talk to friends and family about what you are feeling and the pain you are dealing with. This is especially true for those who have chronic pain from a condition that others cannot see, such as:

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It is important that you get the support you need, and for your friends and family to know exactly what you are going through, so they can better understand how to help.  Unfortunately, a lot of times those closest to you do not know about the condition or disease, so here are some tips to help you discuss how you are feeling and some ways to talk to them about your chronic pain.

5 Tips to Communicate Better About Your Chronic Pain

  1. Get Support – Those with chronic pain need a good support system. Finding a support group can be very helpful and offers you the chance to discuss strategies and coping skills that others with the same issues are finding success with.
  2. Be an Educator – Help your friends and family understand what is happening and the pain you are going through. This will let them realize why you are frustrated and not always happy. It is especially important when you have a chronic condition that isn’t obvious because they can’t actually see the problem. Also, be sure to give them websites that can help explain your condition.  
  3. Join in on the Fun  – Make it a point to be a part of activities with family and friends when you feel like you can. Express that you want others to carry on with the fun and when you can join in, you will. Explain your limitations and accept offers to join activities you can enjoy and simply sit out the ones you can’t.
  4. Questions and Answers – Be sure that you can clearly describe the pain you are having and bring any notes about the intensity, location, and other effects of your pain that can be helpful when the doctor asks questions. In addition, prepare a list of questions you have so to ensure you are knowledgeable of your situation.
  5. Change Medical Providers – It is crucial for you to have a doctor that you can trust to listen to you when you suffer from chronic pain. If you feel that you are not being heard or that your concerns are not important, it is definitely time to find a new doctor that ranks your medical care as a top priority.

BackFit Health + Spine has an amazing team of doctors and staff that are well-trained in listening to their patients. This makes it so easy and comfortable for their patients to talk to them and ensures that the doctors understand their needs and pain levels to properly address and execute a recovery plan.

Are You Ready to Talk to Someone About Your Chronic Pain?

The team at BackFit Health + Spine are pain management experts and are here to help you feel better and have a more enjoyable and pain free life.  

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