6 Reasons Why You Should Try IV Vitamin Therapy

Imagine if you could boost your immune system, give yourself a shot of energy, and lower your anxiety all with one treatment?

You don’t need a magic potion to feel these effects, just about an hour of your time to try IV vitamin therapy at BackFit Health & Spine.

Also known as intravenous (IV) vitamin treatment or IV infusion, this treatment delivers fluids directly into the veins of your body through a vitamin drip. This direct line of vitamins has been shown with scientific evidence to give your body an immunity boost and can help treat a number of illnesses, according to one study.

So what do this vitamin mix consist of?

At BackFit, all of our clinics use the Myers’ Cocktail IV drip, which is formulated specifically for you. Created by Dr. John Myers MD, the standard drip contains Calcium, B complex, Magnesium, and Vitamin C, which are all powerful vitamins for fighting your ailments.

Here’s why it’s so effective: Traditional vitamins you take by mouth get broken down in the digestive tract, which limits how much of the vitamin can be absorbed. With IV vitamin therapy, you get a higher concentration of the vitamins and minerals. They can be put to use right away by your body. Many patients feel the effects immediately.

Here are 6 benefits of an IV vitamin therapy session:

1. Energy boost – Many patients that receive a IV vitamin drips feel an energy boost that can last for days or even weeks. B complex vitamins play an essential role in your body’s energy. Even for those suffering from chronic fatigue, this therapy has been shown to break the cycle and get you feeling more energized.

2. Hangover relief – Alcohol dehydrates you and shrinks tissue which causes headaches and muscle aches. IV therapy can reverse these effects by rehydrating your body and reducing inflammation. Hangover cured!

3. Illness prevention – Preventing illness is more important now than ever. As your immune health decreases, you are more likely to get sick. Vitamin infusion delivers important nutrients to your body. Vitamin C is one of the key ingredients in our therapy, which will help your immune system fight off illness.

4. Athletic performance – Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, you always want to perform to your top ability. Exercise causes muscle fatigue, but IV therapy restores hydration and nutrients to your body, so you can rebound easier.

5. Pain reduction – IV therapy is a popular treatment for chronic pain sufferers. The mix of vitamins work in tandem to strengthen bones, fight inflammation, optimize nerve function and much more. Onestudy found IV therapy in patients with fibromyalgia proved to be effective in decreasing pain in tender points.

6. Lower anxiety – We could all use a little less anxiety in our lives right now, right? High levels of B12 have been shown to assist your brain with mood regulation, which can help ward off anxiety and depression.

The treatments take about an hour and our staff is trained to provide the most comfortable experience for you.

You can learn more about what to expect during a treatment here.

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