Food Sensitivity: What to Look For

Food allergies are everywhere. One person may have severe reactions from just being around peanuts while another may be allergic to dairy. These manifest in noticeable, often visible, symptoms that can be dangerous. What many people do not know, however, is that commonly consumed foods can be bad for them. Understanding what to look for with food sensitivity symptoms can make all the difference.

Here are some of the most common symptoms displayed when a person is sensitive to specific foods:

  1. Headaches and Moodiness –Natural opiates are found in grain, sugar and dairy products and can manifest in withdrawal symptoms when no longer consumed.
  2. Cravings – In response to consuming foods your body is sensitive to, antibodies are created to break it down. When the antibodies build up without consuming the food, you begin to crave it. This period lasts 3-4 days, typically.
  3. Fatigue – Regularly eating foods that your body cannot properly digest to receive energy from will result in consistent low energy levels.
  4. Joint Pain – One surprising symptom may be pain. Foods that have GMOs, antibiotics and pesticides can cause inflammatory responses in the body and lead to joint pain.
  5. Bad Skin – Your skin condition is likely an indicator of an imbalance internally. Dairy is known to increase acne, and other skin irritations can be caused by food sensitivity. Slowly eliminate suspected foods and allow your body to adjust to each before making the final decision.

Self-diagnosing is an option but consider a food intolerance test, food allergy testing or food sensitivity testing. Contact BackFit Health + Spine today to become a patient and find out once and for all which foods are bad for you. Our team of doctors will perform simple blood tests to determine the foods to avoid or decrease consumption of. We are devoted to improving the lives of all patients, from chiropractic care to food allergy testing.

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