Healthy Ways To Lose Weight: They Do Exist!

Are you one of the many people in Phoenix who has tried to lose weight and found that success is simply elusive? Perhaps you tried the starvation diet that involved you skipping meals only to find yourself gorging on food later that night because your hunger was so overwhelming. Or maybe you attempted to cut out entire food groups but you found yourself fantasizing about eating exactly what you were depriving yourself of so often that you were miserable. In spite of what you might believe, there are healthy ways to lose weight.

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

It’s important to remember that these are not always methods of losing weight quickly. Just like the weight appeared over time, so it might also take time to disappear. In fact, it’s much healthier to gradually lose weight than to quickly drop a great deal only to gain it back in just a short time.

If you’re trying to lose weight, keep in mind that you need to burn more calories — preferably by upping your physical activity — and you’ll be well on your way to success. Some other weight loss tips that are easy to implement include the following:

Make Protein a Priority

Women need about 46 grams of protein a day while men need about 56. Because it takes the body more energy and time to digest protein, you feel full longer and burn calories too.

Eat Breakfast Every Day

Even though you’ve heard it a million times, there’s truth behind your mother’s urgings to eat a good breakfast. If you don’t, you’ll be more tempted by high-calorie foods later. Adding water to your morning routine is also a great way to kickstart your metabolism. A good tip to drinking more water would be to add flavored water into your day.

Aim For 30 Grams of Fiber Per Day

According to the results of an American Heart Association (AHA) study, one group was instructed to eat 30 grams of fiber a day while the other was placed on a diet with strict limits on the amounts of sugar, calories, and saturated fat were consumed. After three months, both groups not only lost weight but also improve their heart health.

Take Your Coffee Black

he American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study that showed that a cup of coffee could jumpstart metabolism by 12 percent for the next three hours. But, be aware of those added flavored creamers, sugars, and milk. These coffee additions sneak up on calorie intake.

Add Exercise To Your Daily Routine

Adding exercise to your daily routine is the best way to enhance your weight loss journey. Whether it be a quick 15-minute walk or a two-hour gym session, every little bit of exercise helps and keeps you healthy.

Let Backfit Health + Spine partner with you on a healthy weight loss journey and see how good you feel and look.

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