Help Your Migraines with the MiRx Protocol

Migraine headaches are so common that nearly one-quarter of all households in the United States include someone who struggles with them. Most often characterized by intense throbbing or pulsing pain that is at least a five on the pain scale, a headache also has to last between 4 and 72 hours if it is untreated. Additional symptoms that are often present with this debilitating condition include optical spotting, vomiting, light sensitivity, nausea, temporary vision loss, sound sensitivity and zig zag visual lines. 

Common Migraine Triggers

There is research to support the theory that migraine headaches are genetic. Other common triggers include insufficient food, the ingestion of certain dietary substances, lack of sleep, fluctuations or other changes in hormones and stress. 

Treating a Migraine

Until recently, there were three typical approaches to treating a migraine: modifying behaviors, medication or certain physical treatments. Modifying a behavior could be a good strategy if a person’s trigger is something within their control such as their diet. Otherwise, such an approach isn’t reliable. 

Medication can be difficult to maintain over the long term and bring with it serious side effects. Even if it is effective in the short term, chances are that its use as a long-term solution won’t be successful — in part because the triggers aren’t properly addressed. 

Approaching migraine treatment from a physical standpoint has proven to be successful. Physical therapy, regular exercise, spinal manipulation and losing weight can both reduce the severity of migraines and the frequency of their occurrence. 

Help Your Migraine Headache with the MiRxProtocol

When combined with physical and behavioral treatments, the MiRxProtocol provides both long-term relief from migraine headaches and instant pain relief as well. Asa breakthrough in the treatment of migraines — a notoriously difficult condition to treat effectively and over the longer term — MiRxProtocol offers both hope and pain relief. 

A revolutionary treatment for an often-debilitating condition that can render people helpless as they try to manage the excruciating pain, the MiRxProtocol involves treatment with an FDA-approved device that is at its heart. A trained practitioner using this nasal applicator — known as the Tx360TM– to deliver precise amounts of anesthetics to the nerve cluster that is responsible for migraine headache pain. MiRxProtocol is designed to be part of a comprehensive treatment plan that spans between four and six weeks. 

Other Conditions Treated by the MiRxProtocol

While migraines affect so many people so it’s important that the role of the MiRxProtocol for its treatment be highlighted, this innovative and revolutionary procedure can also effectively treat other conditions too. Cluster headaches, tension headaches and atypical facial pain are some of the more common conditions that can be successfully treated. Trigeminal neuralgia, chronic pain of the trigeminal nerve, and cervicogenic headache, a disorder of the spine and its related components, can also benefit from treatment with MiRxProtocol. 

Discover if you are a good candidate for MiRxProtocol by contacting us today. Their caring and professional team approaches your health from a holistic standpoint so you find long-term pain relief. 

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