Keeping Your Employees Healthy – Corporate Wellness

BackFit Health + Spine proudly serves the community and people of the Valley of the Sun. We work closely with local businesses in the community to provide wellness opportunities, educational seminars, and health services for their employees.

Wellness benefits and programs originally began as employee perks for large corporations with hundreds of employees, but today they are becoming increasingly popular with small and medium-sized businesses as part of the company benefits package – and for good reason. These wellness programs give employees great incentives, tools, support, and strategies to encourage healthy behaviors and go a long way in helping employees improve and maintain healthier habits and behavior.

Corporate Wellness Business Partnerships with Backfit Health + Spine

The team at Backfit Health + Spine created our corporate wellness outreach programs to empower the folks in our community and give them the opportunity to choose and improve their quality of life with the most cutting-edge treatments and modalities in our field.

At BackFit Health + Spine, our corporate outreach program services for local businesses include these opportunities:

BackFit Health + Spine Corporate Outreach Programs

  • Spinal Health Screenings – BackFit Health + Spine offers free spinal health screening to educate and enlighten local businesses on the importance of maintaining proper spinal health. Our professional staff is pleased to donate their time to help educate your employees about how chiropractic care can help them achieve maximum physical, intellectual, and emotional well-being.
  • Wellness Workshops – BackFit Health + Spine Workshops were created especially to educate local businesses and organizations interested in leading their best lives with specialized presentations addressing the specific needs and issues of the people in your group.
  • Complimentary Corporate Chair Massage – The friendly, knowledgeable team from BackFit Health + Spine comes to your place of business to help your employees relax and unwind. Benefits of chair massage include: decreased stress symptoms, immune system boost, improved circulation, reduced muscle pain, headache relief, lowered blood pressure, enhanced flexibility, and more!

Not only do employees reap the benefits of partnering with BackFit Health + Spine for a corporate wellness program, but employers also enjoy many benefits as well. Employers that encourage and educate their employees to live a healthier lifestyle can expect to see the following benefits when participating in the BackFit Health + Spine corporate wellness programs:

  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Improved Employee Retention Rates
  • Decrease in Absenteeism
  • Less Stress, Reduced Muscle Pain, and Ergonomics-Related Employee Injuries
  • Reduced Corporate Healthcare Premiums
  • Fosters Teamwork

Corporate Wellness for Your Organization from BackFit Health + Spine in Arizona  

As a local Arizona business or organization, we invite you to encourage and provide different types of wellness activities for your employees or team. Contact BackFit Health + Spine today and let us create a personal program tailored specifically to the wellness needs of your organization or staff.

The team at BackFit Health + Spine is proud to have served the Valley of the Sun for over 17 years. As Arizona’s premier Multispecialty Medical Center, we operate on the principle that the patient must come first. We offer collaborative medicine between all medical, chiropractic and physical therapy specialties so that your wellness goals can be achieved in one location.

Contact us today to get see how you can partner with BackFit Health + Spine for wellness opportunities for your group at 1-877-BACKFIT or you may contact us online here for more information.

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