5 Earth Day Activities You Can Do Outside

Celebrate Our Planet with These 5 Earth Day Activities You Can Do Outside

Held annually on April 22nd, Earth Day is a time to focus on the environmental issues that surround the planet. An international event that was first held in 1990, Earth Day has expanded to now include an appreciation for nature and all it has to offer. On that note, here are five Earth Day activities that you can do outside this year as a way to celebrate nature.

1. Go on a nature walk

What better way to celebrate the earth and all that the planet has to offer than to go on a nature walk? Not only does doing so help you slow down and really appreciate the beauty and splendor that surrounds you, but getting back to nature has been touted as a way to recharge and reinvigorate the mind as well.

2. Do some yoga in your yard

Whether you’re a diehard yoga fan who faithfully practices the art on a daily basis or you’re simply looking for something different to do, grab a yoga mat and your water bottle before heading out to the yard. Not only will doing yoga in your yard shake up your routine and infuse it with freshness, but it also allows you to revel in the sights, sounds and smells that nature brings to the setting.

3. Play some ultimate frisbee

An active game that combines elements of many different sports, ultimate frisbee was developed in 1968. A non-contact sport, ultimate frisbee is notable in that it doesn’t use referees in order to enforce game rules, even during league play. Instead, players attempt to pass the frisbee to a teammate in the opposite end zone while also maintaining order of the game among themselves. Easy to learn and with only a few materials — a frisbee, open space, willingness to have fun — needed to play, ultimate frisbee is the perfect way to get some exercise, enjoy nature and have fun with friends!

4. Clean up trash

While this is certainly not the most glamorous suggestion on this list, cleaning up trash is a very hands-on way to demonstrate your appreciation for the planet. The timing of such a cleanup couldn’t be better either. After the long winter and the spring breezes, trash and other debris often litter the roadways, yards and public areas in a way that’s rarely observed during other times of the year.

5. Go birdwatching

Birdwatching is the ideal outdoor Earth Day activity because it’s easy, fun and a recipe for success whether you live in the country or you’re a city dweller. Grab your camera, a pair of binoculars and a bird identification book and head out. If you live in the city, head to the nearest park or another nature-infused spot. Those fortunate enough to have a backyard with a few trees might spot some interesting birds just by stepping outside your door.

Make this Earth Day one that you celebrate by truly appreciating the beauty and possibilities the planet offers and exploring them. Make a pact with yourself to continue doing so year-round!

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