Therapeutic Treatment Vs. Surgical Procedures For Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a common problem that not only limits the ability to work and play, but it can affect your mental health as well. If you live with chronic pain, you know how draining it can be. There are many options available for the treatment of chronic pain today, so there is absolutely no reason you should not seek help to get the relief you deserve.

Treatment Options for Chronic Pain

When it comes to choosing the treatment options available for chronic pain, it is important to address the pain itself as well as the recovery process. When comparing the options of various surgical procedures versus therapeutic treatment options, there are many differences to consider. Surgical procedures for chronic pain management can often be expensive. They can also require the use of dangerous and addictive prescription drugs to manage post-surgical pain.

In addition, surgery for chronic pain requires a long recovery period. The costs associated with surgery and the recovery process can be too much for many people to handle. Recovery from surgery often includes loss of work and quality time with family and friends. This can be a huge burden. In addition, even successful surgical procedures may need to be repeated years down the line if the pain returns.

Reasons To Choose Therapeutic Treatment Over Surgery

  • Little to no recovery time as well as a prescription-free way for relief
  • Team approach that deals with the short and long term relief, for a lifetime recovery plan
  • Combines the knowledge and skill of medical providers, chiropractic physicians, and physical therapists to reach the desired goal of the relief of chronic pain
  • Your physical and mental health are improved, offering an overall better quality of life

Therapeutic treatment addresses the cause of the chronic pain and relief is earned through physical therapy, manipulation, and massage therapy. The treatment also addresses the patient’s lifestyle and looks at their daily activity and nutrition to create a unique plan for their chronic pain relief recovery process.

So, Who Can Help?

Our dedicated team at Backfit Health + Spine includes a staff that work well together to help you get back to feeling like your old self again. The goal is to provide relief from pain and improve the quality of life for all patients. Our team is knowledgeable and educates patients to help you improve their range of motion and help them eliminate activities that would cause pain or injury in the future.

Knowing the options is crucial to help you make the right decision for your chronic pain treatment. Although surgery and therapeutic treatment options may both offer similar results in the short term, a therapeutic treatment approach offers patients a better long-term relief plan and a better quality of life.

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