What to Do if You’re Experiencing Carpal Tunnel Pain

Treatment Options for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you have experienced numbness or tingling in your fingers, hands, wrists, or arms over an extended period, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome. This painful disorder usually begins slowly and gradually becomes worse and can affect only one, or both of your hands. Wondering how to treat carpal tunnel? The team at BackFit Health + Spine can help.

What Causes Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is often caused by a repetitive everyday activity that may seem harmless at the time but can cause problems later. Activities include typing on a keyboard, using vibrating power tools, and even playing a musical instrument. It can also be associated with medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. The pain of carpal tunnel occurs when you have a pinched nerve or nerve disorder in your hand or wrist and can continue until you seek medical attention.

How to Treat Carpal Tunnel

Massage Therapy – Massage therapy is probably the least invasive and least expensive of the treatments available for carpal tunnel. It is an effective long-term treatment which helps the pain and inflammation by softening and stretching the muscles of the wrist and hand.

Ultrasound Therapy – This treatment method utilizes sound waves to increase the temperature in your hand and wrist, which can relieve pain associated with carpal tunnel and assist in healing.

Physical Therapy – A physical therapist can work with you to relieve pain and help you gain mobility and strengthen your wrist or hand. This combination of exercises will work the tendons and nerves to increase mobility to help get you back to normal.

Our team of providers at BackFit Health + Spine Can Help with Carpal Tunnel

The caring and dedicated team at BackFit Health + Spine is here to help you put an end to the painful symptoms of carpal tunnel. We understand that pain management is essential for maintaining the quality of life, especially if you suffer from acute or chronic pain. Contact us today for an assessment to see how we can help you feel better fast by recommending a custom-tailored treatment plan.

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