Why Are There So Many Different Types of Doctors?

Types of Doctors

In the medical field, there are as many different types of doctors as there are ailments. Choosing the right doctor can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t really sure what is wrong with you. Making an appointment with your primary care physician or chiropractor is a good place to start.


Do You Need A Doctor?

When you start to feel under the weather or have experienced an injury, you need to make a choice between visiting your doctor and trying to treat yourself at home. If you have the symptoms of a cold and it doesn’t get better over the next few days, odds are you should make an appointment with your doctor to make sure it’s nothing serious. The same is true with a minor injury.  Monitor the injury for a few days and if it doesn’t improve or the swelling worsens and your mobility decreases, contact your doctor and schedule an appointment.


What Type of Doctor Do You Need?

There are several types of doctors that are available to help you if you need medical treatment. A few of the different types of doctors include:

  • General or primary care doctors – It can be hard to describe what a primary care doctor is because they can cover such a broad range of symptoms. General or primary care doctors work with people of all ages and provide a more generalized form of care. They treat many of the most common illnesses, including colds, influenza, minor injuries, and allergies.
  • Chiropractors – There are many reasons to try chiropractic care. Chiropractors offer specialized care for the musculoskeletal system, as well as other parts of the body. They work with physical therapists, massage therapists, and provide a level of holistic care that other doctors may not be able to.
  • Sports doctors – Sports doctors work mainly with injuries that are sports-related or are similar to those that would be experienced by an athlete. They also work with massage therapists and physical therapists to make sure their patient is able to regain their strength and as much range of motion as possible.
  • Gastroenterologists – Gastroenterologists work with the digestive tract and can treat many conditions that are related to diet and the lack of proper nutrition. They are able to maximize the efficiency of the gastrointestinal tract so the body receives the nutrients it needs to function properly.


When Should You Seek Treatment?

So how do you know when you should seek medical treatment? Anytime you have concerns about your health or the extent of an injury, call your doctor and schedule an appointment. There are times when even a minor illness can turn into something more serious. A fever that lasts longer than 48 hours is nothing to sneeze at. An injury that doesn’t start to improve after the first two or three days needs to be looked at by a medical professional.


Never take chances with your health. If you are unsure of what type of doctor you need to see, start with a general practitioner or a chiropractor. They can give you the answers you need and guide you in the right direction. The doctors are out there, it’s up to you to take the first step and find out what type of doctor will provide you with the treatment you need. Don’t know what you need?

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