Dr. Noah Morganti

2021-03-26T11:49:01-07:00November 16th, 2020|

Noah Morganti Biography Dr. Noah Morganti is a native of Dallas, TX. He grew up active in sports. He specifically grew up playing baseball. Which influenced him to develop [...]

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Dr. Justin Gomez

2021-03-26T12:15:14-07:00July 9th, 2020|

Justin Gomez Biography Dr. Gomez is one of our resident chiropractors in Chandler Arizona. He has been with BackFit Health + Spine since July of 2009.A native of Arizona, [...]

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Dr. Michael D. Prisbrey

2021-03-26T12:16:05-07:00July 9th, 2020|

Michael Prisbrey Biography Dr. Michael Prisbrey discovered chiropractic care in the pre-med office at university. The idea that medical conditions and pain occur when normal body functions are interfered [...]

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Dr. Brandon Krainik

2021-03-26T12:17:47-07:00July 8th, 2020|

Brandon Krainik Biography A native of Denver, Dr. Brandon Krainik moved with his family to Arizona in 2012 and joined BackFit Health + Spine in Gilbert. He has a [...]

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Dr. Brett Pfeifle

2021-03-26T12:20:03-07:00July 7th, 2020|

Brett Pfeifle Biography Dr. Brett is a native of Wishek, North Dakota, moving to Arizona at the age of 15. He graduated from Arizona State University in 2010 [...]

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