Goes To BackFit

Head, shoulders, KNEES, and toes, BackFit’s got your back too!

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Gambo’s Deal

Take advantage of Gambo’s exclusive $21 special at BackFit!

1. Physical Exam With A Doctor of Chiropractic
2. Three On-site Diagnostic Digital X-Rays (as needed)
3. Verification Of Insurance Benefits (overnight)

BackFit is AZ’s #1 interdisciplinary medical clinic.

Trusted by Gambo and tens of thousands of others!

Gambo’s “New” Knees

You’ve probably heard him mention it: Genvisc viscosupplmentation gel shots.

Great for osteoarthritis, sports injuries, other knee pain, and other joint inflammation.

This natural hyaluronic fluid lasts for a whole year!

Covered by most insurances.

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