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While the majority of my formal foundation of medical training aquired over the past two plus decades has been in various parts of the Midwest, I am actually an Arizona native. Among formal insights to appropriate affliction treatments, natives recognize a vast array of indigenous and often unique ailments that other care providers may not be as familiar with. In addition to initial medical training in traditional Western, allopathic medicine, over the years I have enhanced this to focus more on integrative and functional medicine. My experience stretches from surgical assisting and wound care, to primary care, urgent care and internal medicine, as well as regenerative medicine. My career as a PA began over 21 years ago, and my passion for medicine has not waned throughout this process. It is my goal to approach each patient as a unique individual with their own personal needs and plan. I also wish to engage with each patient as much as possible, relating to them on a more personal level which serves to enhance the medical experience.

Outside of medicine I have a wonderful family and love to spend time in a variety of activities that keep me better grounded in life, such as fishing, reading, spiritual life, new adventures, and always learning. With that thirst for knowledge is an abiding principle that I wish to instill in my children and those around me, which is this : our goal is not in collecting a paycheck, but in earning one. I look forward to putting this into effect with each person who places his or her trust in my care.

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