2022-01-21T10:05:16-07:00January 21st, 2022|

What is vertigo? Vertigo is a sudden spinning sensation or feeling dizzy. It creates a false sense that you or your surroundings are moving in a circle. It is [...]

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Pins + Needles

2021-10-28T08:41:44-07:00May 18th, 2021|

What are ‘pins and needles?’ Pins and needles, also known as paresthesia, is the uncomfortable sensation of tingling, prickling, itching, or skin-crawling felt in your hands, arms, legs, or feet. [...]

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Nutritional Deficiency

2021-11-19T12:13:31-07:00October 1st, 2020|

What is nutrition deficiency? Nutrition deficiency (or malnutrition) happens when you don’t absorb or get the right amount of vitamins and minerals from your food. These vitamins and minerals [...]

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