Many chiropractic techniques have been adapted for newborns to young adults. Pediatric chiropractic adjustments on the very young have been proven to be safe and gentle, often going unnoticed by your newborn or toddler. Many new parents report that chiropractic care on their babies can:

  • Soothe colic
  • Soothe ear and sinus infections
  • Create better latching for breastfeeding
  • Improve a baby’s sleep to be better and longer

As your children get older, they may also become more active, increasing their exposure to an active lifestyle or sports. Young athletes visit BackFit often as a part of their sporting activities. But even if your kids and teens aren’t athletes, regular adjustments can improve posture, increase mobility, reduce pain, and assist in growth.

Having the spine and joints of your kids adjusted throughout childhood can also prevent health problems that might emerge later in adulthood. Many parents prefer chiropractic care for their children because of its safe, non-invasive nature.