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Dr. David Skolnik

Doctor of Physical Therapy

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• The University of Puget Sound


• Bachelor's in Exercise Science
• Doctor of Physical Therapy

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• Pain-Free Performance Specialist

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• Physical Therapy


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Dr. David Skolnik Biography

David Skolnik is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Pain-Free Performance Specialist, and Clinical Athlete Certified Powerlifting Coach.

David’s decision to become a Physical Therapist is rooted in a lifelong passion for athletics and strength training. Originally from Portland, OR, David received his Bachelors in Science in Exercise Science from The University of Puget Sound, along with a Minor in Communication Studies in 2011. After spending a year living in Seattle, WA, and working as a Physical Therapy Aide, he returned to The University of Puget Sound where he completed his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) education.

While attending the University of Puget Sound, David was introduced to the idea of “Exercise as Medicine” while attending the American College of Sports Medicine Conference. That idea resonated with him deeply and has been foundational to his career path since finishing Physical Therapy School.

After graduation from his DPT program, David took his first job at a community clinic close to his childhood home in Portland but quickly discovered that the structure and clarity provided in school were very different than what he found in the real world.

After nine months of struggling with self-doubt and questioning his clinical skills, David decided to make a change and began working in acute geriatric care three days a week as well as working as a strength coach and personal trainer 2 days a week at a private gym in Portland. This balance of clinical treatment and strength coaching reinvigorated David’s passion for Exercise as Medicine and has been his north star ever since. David believes that everyone he works with is capable of gaining strength and through that strength, improving their quality of life.

Outside of working at BackFit, David is the Host of The Essential Strength Podcast, a competitive Powerlifter, Powerlifting Coach, Instructor for the Pain-Free Performance Certification, and is driven by a desire to bridge the gap between the healthcare and fitness industries. David lives in Gilbert, AZ with his wife Rebecca who is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Nutrition Coach.

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